Milan Djordjevich, President and founder of M.D. Plastics, Inc. began selling virgin plastics in 1983. From 1983 to 1995 he developed a broad customer base across the United States and Canada. 
In 1995 Milan branched out into the field of recycling; reconditioning and recycling of 55 gallon drums.  In 1999 he expanded the recycling sector of his business and has since become a major broker of both virgin resin and recycled materials. 
In 1999 M.D. Plastics was an Illinois based company before it was moved to the state of Missouri in 2010.  Through out this transition M.D. Plastics has been a family owned and operated business. 
Due to tremendous growth in recent years, M.D. Plastics has added three new sales representatives and four independent representatives.  As a result, our customer base and sales volume has more than doubled.
With it's mission of continued growth and providing quality materials to its customers, both virgin and recycled, M.D. Plastics is focused on doing so with integrity in order to promote long standing relationships with both customers and vendors.   

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